Who is this course for?

Why not choose this course if you have just failed a test or maybe you need to switch from your automatic licence to a manual one. Whatever the reason, we can help you pass your driving test quicker than you ever thought.

To do this course for a retest you should be at test standard with no major faults in your driving.

If you are taking the test at the end of your course, you should be test standard and need very little in the way of re-training, you should be checking your mirrors and be able to complete all manoeuvres without being prompted. You should be complying with speed limits and able to control the clutch without stalling.

Due to the shortness of this course, there will not be time to teach you all of the manoeuvres to the required standard. If this is what you need, please go for a longer course.

If you have previously failed a test, we will work on the common mistakes that often fail test candidates as these can be identified and corrected quite easily. If you are using this as a starting point in your driving career, we will do the basics and give you a great start on the road.

Course structure:

The 10 hour Course is normally over 3 days, 4 hours on day one and two, and the remaining 2 hours on the third day including the test.

Manual or Automatic:

This intensive driving course can be taken in a manual or automatic car, although auto is only available in Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth at this time.

This course consists of:

12 Hours of Driving Lessons and one attempt at a driving Test.