No Theory, No Problem?

You need to have passed a Throy Test before you start your intensive driving course!

But if you haven’t, don’t panic!

  1. Call us and pay a deposit of £335
  2. We will book you a Theory Test at your local centre.
  3. We will send you FREE accress to Theory Test Pro – the best training software available!
  4. When you take your Theory Test we will call and find out your result.
  5. If you pass we will book the next available driving test and then work backwards 4 hours a day and calculate a course start date.

It’s as simple as that!

Click HERE to pay

Taking a course with no theory pass.

If you still wan’t a course without having passed a Theory test, that is fine, but we would book you a Theory Test as soon as we could. Your driving course would still continue as normal and we would then get you the first available test.